In this episode Liz chats to Max Ottignon. Max is the co-founder of Ragged Edge a branding agency based in London. They help their clients achieve the improbable by creating innovative and game changing brands.

They work with industry leaders such as Grey Goose and Google as well as fast scaling companies such as Bulb Energy and the e-scooter company Wind.

In the show Max and Liz discuss:

  • How Ragged Edge came into being
  • The naming of Bulb
  • The process behind the Bulb brand design
  • Bulb’s brand vision and values
  • The importance of a consistent, simple and clear brand for launching successful businesses
  • Creating brand values that reflect your company culture
  • The power of colour when creating brands
  • How as an industry we need to be using the correct terminology
  • Some of Max’s favourite brands


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