On today’s show Liz welcomes the wonderful Christopher Murphy AKA Fehler.

Chris describes himself as a designer, writer and speaker. But he is so much more than that as any of his followers and students will testify to. He is a latter day polymath – sharing his extensive knowledge on all things from UI/UX, writing, product storytelling, and art – to mental health, the joys of not drinking, and running a marathon. As always Chris is his authentic self – open, engaging, vulnerable and inspiring – in this the final interview of season 2.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Higher Education and alternative forms of learning
  • Teaching and inspirational teachers
  • Product storytelling
  • Why designers should write
  • Brand workshopping with clients
  • Convincing clients to hire professionals
  • Content marketing
  • Being vulnerable online and with clients
  • Company Culture as part of a brand

Discussion Links

Books Chris mentioned

The first book Chris mentioned is:

There are two books:

  • Part 1 deals with words at the service of brands;
  • Part 2 deals with words at a user interface (UI) level.

Together both books cost £5, but Chris has kindly given us the code ‘onefree’, to use so you can get both books for the price of one.

The second book Chris mentioned was:

‘Start!’ is ‘a course in a book’ drawn from 15+ years of Chris’s teaching with a focus on helping others successfully start a profitable business. Use the code ‘voyager’ and the book, which normally costs £9, is free.

If you’d like the full course – which includes the book, the screencasts, the slide decks and the worksheets – use the code ‘atlas’ and the course, which normally costs £18 (which was already priced far too low!), is just £9.

Further recommended reading

Chris on the web

Chris wrote about coming on the podcast and expands on the show notes here.

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