On today’s show Liz chats to Kylie Timpani. Kylie is an outstanding designer based in San Francisco.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The elements of a brand
  • The evolution of Kylie’s brand design journey
  • How it’s important for designers to be able to code
  • A digital first approach to branding and creating identities on the fly
  • Responsive logos
  • Developing a digital brand from another designer’s guidelines
  • Getting client’s excited about their brand
  • How Digital Brand Design is definitely a thing and we’re going to write the definitive guide to it…
  • Liz goes off on a tangent about specialisms
  • Our obsession with Jodie Comer and typography in film
  • How pretentious Liz is about art


Kylie’s twitter

Kylie’s site Four x Pride

Kylie on Dribbble


Responsive logos site Liz mention

Bodega Argento wine responsive logo

Kylie’s Recommendations


Killing Eve

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