Digital Branding for Designers is a short course for those who want to learn the principles of creating brands for the digital world. 

Today effective branding needs to be flexible and responsive in order to work optimally across all platforms. But making sure that you’ve thought of all eventualities when creating a brand for digital can feel overwhelming.

This course will cover:

Basic Principles of Digital Brand Design – Logo uses, font weights, line weights, layouts.

Responsive Logo Design – How to create a responsive visual identity.

Digital First Thinking – Like mobile first web design but for branding – starting small and working up.

Accessibility and Inclusivity – Creating identities that are accessible to everyone. Colours, contrast and clarity.

Digital Brand Guidelines – Creating guidelines that empower clients and leaves nothing to their imaginations.

After completing the course participants will have a blue print for digital brand design that they can take away and apply to future projects. 

Let’s make the web a more beautiful place by creating brands that work as effectively online as off.  

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